Everson Soccer Pro Lab is designed to give the latest and most effective training available. The training will provide tools for players to measure their development and efforts throughout the sessions and watch them in action (GPS Track System and Hudl Video System). Training sessions will take places in different locations, surfaces and scenarios to expose players to different types of trainings (turf field, grass field, beach, and futsal court).

The training is designed for small groups of players at the same level and goals. Small group should be composed of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 players between ages 11 and 21. 

We recommend at least 8 sessions of 1.5 hour each in order to see results. Groups can design their dates and times for practices with our staff. Post-training analysis will be done weekly via Google Meet for players to get training data (top speed, spring distance, player load, heat map, and to set goals and review video).

All trainings will be recorded for players to watch their performance during training virtual meeting. 


Training surfaces and locations:

Outdoors Turf

Outdoor Grass Fields 

Indoor Turf 

Futsal Court

Beach Sand


Sessions will include:
Strength and condition 
Striking training 
Skills training 
Speed training
Video tactical session for players to understand positions and plays 
Small side games 
Possible tournaments
All practices will be recorded
Players stats and practices analysis will be provided



·      Challenge small group of players to the next level.

·      Bring the latest training method to develop players.

·      Use different type of training to bring the best of each athlete.

·      Provide players instant feedback using analytical and visual tools. 

·      Numbers of players should not exceed 10.

·      Match players level using a smaller group.