The best training includes lots of personal attention.  Certainly, training with other keepers can be quality, important, and a good base.  With personal training in addition, results will come faster because training is more personalized.  It's more than that at Everson Soccer Academy.  Personal training includes various scenarios.  Sessions between one coach and one student alone help to get rid of bad habits, sharpen technique, plus work on specific fitness or agility issues.  The best way to train tactically, however, is to have field players involved, and that is where typical one-on-one training can fall short.  The tactical solution is for the personal coach to train with the keeper and the rest of her team in order to replicate game-like situations. 

Team practice for a high school is great, and at the club level is even better, but both would be best.  Most importantly, a personal coach who can be on the sideline during games will get the most results and confidence from their keepers - not only by watching to evaluate progress, but in pre-game physical and mental warm-ups, halftime talks, and post-game analysis.  The key is the mixture of these different types of training consistently.  Though it can be difficult to find the mix each season, it is certainly the way to reach maximum potential.  Much of it is due to the close relationship which builds between keeper-parent-and coach, as it can maximize the learning curve. 

A personal coach's deep understanding of what drives a player to succeed is one advantage, but even more important is that a close relationship can help keepers to control emotion and understand the mental side of the game.  Potential to be the best is useless without the commitment toward maximizing it.  Contact Everson Soccer Academy to see what kind of personal training is available to you !